Freddie Botur

Bridging Connections – Building Your Assets – Creating a Legacy You Can Enjoy

Conservationist • Cowboy • Asset Manager • Climber 
• Entrepreneur • Adviser

With experience in diverse interests partnerships, split estate and contract negotiations, Freddie has built relationships with federal agencies, state agencies, conservation groups, energy companies, and family foundations. Freddie believes in the future of ecological landscape values for private and public lands. He is an example of conscious thoughtful leadership in a mired industry. He is both conservative and environmental, a loyal Wyoming citizen that distinguishes action from politics, economics from emotion.

Freddie has been an early participant and leader in experimental programs for future asset values he has helped developed in the ecological business space. From water values, to habitat for endangered or threatened species, to energy development impact mitigation, the ecological landscape values that he has invested his time in are the envy of futurists in the commodity investment space.

Regenerative agriculture is one of the newer terms that have surfaced which describes Freddie’s greatest strength. With vision and perspective he has the ability to transform and improve the project at hand with practicality. It is the ability to not just preserve values, or habitat, or beauty. It is the ability to lift those values and make real improvements, not from the sidelines, but with the ability to wear multiple hats. His passion is to fuel large landscapes with life, ecological values, and aesthetic in this anthropogenic age.

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"A lot of people talk the walk when it comes to conservation ranching. Freddie Botur and Cottonwood Ranches walk the walk. They are demonstrating innovative ways to build partnerships and improve ranch productivity while improving habitat and leaving water instream to benefit wild and native fish." 

Chris Wood, CEO and President, Trout Unlimited

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